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GLQ-4 4A 300V Fast-Acting Size Rejecting Fuse

Manufacturer: Bussmann by Eaton
Manuf Part#: GLQ-4
Stock: 71
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Price: $4.00
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GLQ-4 4A 300Vac Fast-Acting Size Rejecting Fuse

  • Size of GLQ fuse varies with ampere rating.
  • GLQ fuses mount in HLQ size rejecting carriers (prevents overfusing).
  • Fuse and knob are an integral one-piece unit. There are no replacement knobs (caps).
  • HLQ carrier comes with 6∑ of #18 red insulated solid copper wire attached to the line side.
  • Customer inserts a #18 insulated solid copper wire into load side receptacle.
  • Units can be panel mounted with a separate steel clip. For the knockout hole (see above), choose #BK/A-104. For the keyhole punch type hole, choose #6374 for panels .043” to .062” thick, or #4909 for panels .030” to .042” thick.
  • Do not put tension on line (rear) terminal of fuse-holder.