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Welcome to Sacramento Electronic Supply's Clearance Center.

All parts on this site are "New Old Stock" and are NOT used. Please contact us if you have questions.
There is not a Minimum Order on the Clearance Center. Quanitites are limited to stock on hand.
Please also visit us at our "Ecommerce Site" to view additional offerings of our more current catalog"
Featured Products
SKU: 000-10400
000-10400 14000 MHV Straight Jack, Pressurized, Flat Tab, Bulkhead
SKU: 14000
14000 N Jack to UHF Plug Adapter UG-83/U
SKU: 18750
000-18750 N Right Angle Plug for RG-58
SKU: 21850
21850 BNC/N Panel Adaptor. BNC Female to Type N Female.
SKU: 2225
000-2225 2225 Male panel Jack UG-1050/U Limited to stock on hand.