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RV6LAYSA102A 1K ohm Locking Shaft .5 Watt Conductive Plastic

Manufacturer: Clarostat
Manuf Part#: RV6LAYSA102A
Stock: 8
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The RV6LAYSA102A is a 1-turn 1-gang panel-mount Rotary Potentiometer made in accordance to MIL-PRF-94 specifications. It offers a 1/2W power rating and a conductive plastic element, robust nickel-plated brass shaft and bushings. The potentiometer converts rotary motion into a change of resistance, supplying a smooth transition of voltage or current levels. The resulting voltage output may be used to control position transducers in a wide variety of potential applications. It offers linear track taper, screwdriver slot adjustment, solder hook terminals, locking bushing and slotted shaft ending

Made in USA