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SKU: GE-281
Manufacturer: GE
Manuf Part#: GE-281
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The GE-281 is a 12.5V epitaxial silicon NPN planar transistor designed primarily for HF communications. This device utilizes improved metallization systems to achieve extreme ruggedness under severe operating conditions. 70W Minimum with Greater than 13.5dB Gain. Equal to NTE317

  • Withstands Severe Mismatch under Operating Conditions
  • Emitter Ballasted
  • Low Inductance Stripline Package
  • Collector Base Voltage, VCBO: 36V
  • Collector−Emitter Voltage VCEO: 18V
  • Emitter−Base Voltage,VEBO : 4V
  • Maximum Collector Current,IC : 15A
  • Total Device Dissipation (+25°C), PT: 220W